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Experience the thrill that mountaineering brings as you train with our professional climbing instructors here on Mt Hood. Our Mountaineering Program offers courses from beginner to advanced where you will learn the skills necessary for summiting whatever challenge may lay before you.

Mt Hood Mountaineering Basecamp

Experience the thrill of spending 5 days/4 nights high on Mt Hood, while acquiring some of the most exciting skills in mountaineering. Learn from our certified Mountain Rescue guides as you train in the breathtaking environment of the mountains NE flanks -  Eliott Glacier. Training will include ice climbing, placing protection, crevasse rescue, anchor systems, belays, and more. Don’t miss out on the best ice in the United States.

Basic Climb School

This course provides each participant with a good foundation for traveling on snow and ice covered slopes. Each participant will learn basic ice axe/crampon use and self arrest technique. As the day progresses we will work on rope management skills as well as team arrest. Other topics will include pre-trip planning, proper clothing, food and hydration.


Intermediate Climb School

This course begins with a brief refresher on ice axe/crampon use before moving into more advanced techniques for climbing safely on steep snow and ice covered slopes to 60 degrees. Topics covered will include snow/ice anchors, fixed and running belay techniques, ascending and rappelling.


Advanced Climb School

This course will provide climbers with the skills necessary for traveling safely in glaciated terrain. This course will teach rigging techniques for glacier travel as well as crevasse rescue. Other topics covered will include route finding, escaping the belay and mechanical advantage systems.

Alpine Ice Level 1

This course will begin with an explanation of equipment used for ice climbing. Afterwards we’ll head up onto the glacier to begin learning to use our crampons and ice axe/tools. Other topics covered will be roping up, ice anchors and belay methods.

Alpine Ice Level 2

In this course you will move from top rope climbing to lead climbing. Learn techniques for climbing vertical ice more efficiently. Learn to place ice protection for climbing and multi-point anchors for belay stance.

Ski Mountaineering

Learn to access some of the best skiing that money can’t buy. In this course you will learn to safely travel in mountainous terrain for the purpose of skiing untracked and ungroomed terrain. Course content will be taken form our Cold Weather Survival, Basic and Intermediate Climb Schools, Introduction to Avalanches, and Combined Map & Compass/GPS




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