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NWSOS Avalanche Safety Training
Northwest School of Survival has been teaching and promoting avalanche safety courses across the Northern states for more then 15 years. Our courses are designed, for skiers, snowboarders, climbers, and snowmobilers, to provide the knowledge necessary for traveling safely in a winter backcountry environment. All of our courses follow a curriculum set forth by the American Avalanche Association.
Companion Rescue Clinic

This clinic is designed as a seasonal refresher or for the novice backcountry traveler. The course will cover use of all tools necessary to extricate someone who has been buried in an avalanche. Each participant will receive hands-on training in the proper use of avalanche beacons, probes, and proper shoveling techniques for companion and multiple burial rescue.

Introduction to Avalanche Safety

This 1 day course offers a brief introduction to the skills necessary for traveling in avalanche terrain. The participants will learn to recoognize and avoid hazards, the importance of obtaining weather info and understand the current avalanche advisory. In the field your instructor will perform an evaluation of the snow pack and introduce the effects of slab formation and layering. There will also be instruction in beacon use and basic companion rescue.

Avalanche Safety Level 1

The NWSOS Certified Avalanche Safety Level 1 course provides a comprehensive introduction to avalanches and the variables that increase their potential, proper decision making when traveling in avalanche terrain, and managing single/multiple burial rescues. This 3-day program meets the new requirements for the AAA Level 1 with the first day being spent in a classroom environment and the remaining two days in the field. The course includes instruction in the following topics:

  • Avalanche statistics and human factors
  • Trip planning and preperation
  • Avalanche types and anatomy
  • Identifying avalanche terrain
  • Effects of weather on the snow pack
  • Snow pit profiles and stability tests
  • Decision making
  • Route selection and safe travel
  • Single and multiple beacon search
  • Managing avalanche rescue
Avalanche Safety Backcountry Tour

Join your instructor for a full day in the backcountry learning the dynamics of group management and terrain/snow pack eveluation. This course is an excellent Level 1 refresher or if you've previously had a 2-day Level 1 course you can upgrade to the new 3-day Level 1. The day will be spent traveling in the backcountry practicing safe travel techniques while assesing snow pack stability. We will end the day with a mock muti-burial rescue.




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