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A Partial Client Listing with Referrals
Military and Government Agencies:
  • Oregon Dept of Transportation (ODOT)
  • Oregon Dept of Agriculture
  • United States Military - Active and Reserve Teams and Special Forces
  • United States Military - US Army, DOD, Field Ops Branch of Ft. Dietrick, Field Identification of Biological Warfare Agents (FIBWA)USASOC
  • U.S. Border Patrol
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Klamath Falls Police Department
  • Oregon State Police
  • Clackamas County Sheriff Department (multi-county)
  • Wasco County Sheriff Department
  • Washington State Patrol
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Army Corps of Engineers
  • Bureau of Reclamation
  • Department of Fish and Game
Telecommunication Companies:
  • Alltel
  • AT&T
  • AT&T Wireless
  • Cellular One
  • Corban Communications
  • Qwest
  • Nextel Communications
  • United States Cellular
  • United Telephone
  • Union Telephone
  • US West Communications
  • Western Telecommunications
  • WorldCom/MCI
  • Western Wireless
Utility Companies:
  • Pacific Power and Light (PP&L)
  • LA Department of Water and Power
  • Pacific Gas and Electric
  • Bonneville Power Administration
  • Western Area Power Administration
  • Puget Sound Energy
  • Tri-State Generation and Transmission
  • Northwest Williams Pipeline
  • Inland Power and Light
  • Portland General Electric
  • Southern California Edison
Railroad Companies:
  • Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad
  • Union Pacific Railroad
Rescue Related:
  • Bay Area Hospital
  • Civil Air Patrol
  • Clackamas County Search and Rescue
  • Wasco County Search and Rescue
  • Doernbecher Children's Hospital - Panda Team Life Flight
  • Multnomah County Sheriff's Office
  • Oregon Health Sciences University
  • Portland Mountain Rescue
  • Rescue Teams in Oregon, Washington, Arizona
  • ACG Nike
  • Bay Area Hospital
  • Danner Boots
  • Helly Hansen
  • Hillsboro Aviation - training for pilots - fixed wing & rotary aircraft
  • Lowrance Electronics, Inc. - GPS applications & training
  • Coleman/Peak 1
  • Portland Adventist Medical Center
  • Stoel, Rives (law firm)
  • Sunny's Surplus (retailers)
  • Suunto USA
  • Tektronix
  • Trimble Navigation - Competitive Analysis

Corporate Referrals

"This is the best training I have ever received. Every person who enters the woods recreationally or for work should attend this training."
Bob Pihera

"This training can save a person's life."
Paul Blake

"This training instills confidence in employees that the company they work for cares about their well being."
L.W. Reasoner

"This information will mean the difference between life and death."
Vincent Hollenbeck

"Training like this is a must. Untrained people could kill themselves."
David Stewart

"The knowledge gained from this training is very valuable in saving lives!!"
Christian Hendricks

"Employees are valuable to a company. This course may save lives and free a company of liability concerns."
Tony Holcomb

"Although I've spent most of my life actively involved outdoors (both work and recreation) I don't think a person can ever learn too much about how to survive in snow and adverse conditions. I really enjoyed the course!"
Greg Vassallo

"Excellent course."
Elmer Hanks

"I would recommend this course to anyone that may be in life threatening weather conditions due to work or recreation."
Dullan Jones

"This training could easily save lives."
Mark Hadley

"This is valuable information and skills that are required to survive in inclement conditions. If you work or recreate in the backcountry-you need it."
David Baker

"A person never knows when the weather can change. Some circumstances are very unforeseen. So knowing what to do could save your own or your fellow employees' life."
Terry Gilbertson

"My confidence level is significantly improved."
Stephen Matern

"I would definitely recommend this training."
Howard Fouts

"Very practical, hands-on type training."
Jim Perry

"A very good and worthwhile course."
Arwin Sturnacle

"I would most definitely recommend this training course to any company dealing with remote areas. This course will (without a doubt) save your life."
Lyle Gilbert

"I'll never forget this class and highly recommend your program as presented."
Donald Newland

"This training should be a must for remote location employees. The hands-on was excellent. All field training was a thousand times more effective than straight classroom work. The training made me a more effective employee."
Joe O'Brien

"I would recommend this training to any company whose employees are required to travel to remote locations…it could save lives."
Jim Smith

"The training I received was a no nonsense attack at pure survival."
Cliff Perry

"Very thorough training by very competent individuals."
Craig Satalick

"Excellent educational course."
Michael McCracken

"I would highly recommend this course."
Ed Martin

"The training refreshed and fortified past knowledge."
Ron Madderra

"Great course. Teaches what a person can do to survive with very basic equipment in an emergency situation."
Dennis Fisher

"This training is a must! It was great and contained very valuable info. I would like to do it every year!"
Greg Oleson

"Very good training. Well trained instructors."
Michael Gray

" The instructors were very detailed and took time to explain what you were doing right or wrong."
David L. Erickson

"Really excellent course. Very organized."
Phillip Moss

"The entire course was excellent. The field work reemphasized the class training - excellent!!"
Carole Scheck

"I enjoyed every minute of the training."
Eric Mathia

"Good course - would like to return for more."
Steven Hockman

"The training better prepared me for an emergency on or off the job. Helped me prepare to make better judgments in a life or death situation."
Sam Johnson

Military Referrals

Special Forces (SF) Training (Programs designed and led by NWSOS)

NWSOS has trained Special Forces Teams over the years. Due to the nature of the training and the participants…NWSOS is often sworn to secrecy regarding exactly who we train. We are confident you understand this relationship to ensure future work with SF and similar teams. Because of this relationship, the following referrals are from many of our past clients, but names are omitted.

"The weather and terrain conditions we faced during the training, along with the skills to cope with it all, was incredible and the best part of the entire week. Our lives were on-the-line, and your instructor taught us how to cope with what we encountered. Great job!"

"All I can say right now is that me and my team thank you because your training got us out of one f*cking hairy situation." (sic)

"The instruction was excellent - our instructor was completely knowledgeable and a great teacher."

"The best part of the entire event was that the training was hands-on and tailored specifically to our needs."

"Working with your company has been easier than all others we have ever done - from point of contact to your logistical emergency pre-trip planning for our teams. You make my job much easier and save me so much work."

When asked if the SF participants would recommend this training to others, they replied…

"Absolutely - and I do. This is the 3rd time our team has trained with you, and the only thing to prevent us from returning is our schedule. Thanks again for giving us some great training."

"Absolutely, the training we received is invaluable. I will recommend it to everyone I know at the base who encounter this type of terrain. It has been my experience to have had opportunities to work with many different guides. The guides we had with the program you designed for us were some of the best in my experience."

"Yes, the instructor's knowledge and training locations produce good learning environments."

"Yes, our instructor is the most knowledgeable fellow I have met. Excellent course - thank you."

Army Nat'l Guard Reserves (Programs designed and led by NWSOS)

"The teamwork was awesome! I felt everyone worked together well. No one put another down. Everyone was encouraging. And all had fun!"

"Great camaraderie. Outstanding. Good-humored. Very knowledgeable staff."

"The whole course was excellent."

"Great team building and trust skills! Working with civilians was a good way to feel relaxed, comfortable and confident."

"Every event demanded teamwork and moral support. In a word: Outstanding."

"Very exciting, motivating and great."

"Extremely informative and educational.".

"This program consisted of a lot of outstanding training."

"Excellent training."

"The staff did a good job of providing a safe and fun environment overall for training this large of a group."

"I thought this program was very rewarding and satisfying. It was a very safe program and safety was stressed at all times.

"Training like this helps soldiers with their fears and gain good survival techniques. This was the most rewarding experience I have ever engaged in throughout my military career."

"I would recommend this program to anyone. Good training/experience. It helps people to get over personal obstacles."

"You were an excellent group of instructors to work with. You made the training as fun as it was."

"The staff kept spirits high."

"This program is the best."

"This was the best team building and personal acquiring of skills I ever thought possible."

"So many survival skills were learned and put in to practice."

"The program was the best and most exciting that I have ever been through."

"Your staff was well educated in the skills they instructed."

"Excellent. All of the instructors were great at recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of everyone."

"Keep up the good work. What you do and the training you provide are invaluable."

"This was one of the best military/civilian organizations I have ever been associated with."

"Well done. Very professional."

"Outstanding - a very positive experience. Great team building."

"I appreciated the organization of this event."

"I was impressed with the instructors and training program."

"I loved every day of the training."

"The staff was excellent and went above and beyond my expectations."

"You run a tight outfit. Very professionally done."

"I felt great about the program because of all the skills I learned."

Search and Rescue

"NWSOS has become an integral part of our Search and Rescue Training providing instruction in outdoor & wilderness survival for volunteer SAR groups. The course content is exceptionally practical & ‘common sense.' The level of instruction is cordial & professional. Their training is truly well-designed and flexible for people working in or exposed to potentially hostile outdoor environments."
Neil James, Prior Program Manager for Search & Rescue
Clackamas County Sheriff's Department, Oregon

Public Referrals

"The instruction was excellent. Anyone who spends time in the outdoors needs to take these classes."
Craig Ball

"I finally understand the correct use of map and compass. The night phase of the course was a real confidence builder. Thanks so much. The instruction was excellent and the course very comprehensive."
Betty Spencer

"I feel as though I've been given a new freedom and security."
Wendy Hess

"I think the advanced training was great and I have enjoyed every class I have ever taken. The training made me feel I can go anywhere with a map and compass"
Harry DeWolfe

"The guides were excellent in going over the basics – we were able to climb without worrying whether someone was unprepared. Our guides kept everyone aware of conditions while summiting when conditions were safe."
Chris Harley

"As a beginning climber, I must say that the required mountaineering training, prior to the climb, is essential. I don't believe we would have had a successful climb without it. I definitely recommend the climb school and the climb to anyone who is interested. I don't think anyone in our group regrets it – we all had the time of our lives. I would like to thank your guide for helping me make a dream a reality. Thank you again."
Jaimie Espenel

"The climb put me face to face with one of my fears – heights. And I returned a better person from the experience. Thanks again to our guide for his enthusiasm and patience. In hind sight, the two days were well worth the money and fear. I am proud to say I completed this course."
Geoff Curless

"The course and management of our group was excellent. Our instructor did a great job and interacted well with the group."
Mike Gallagher

"The training and climb was a lot of fun. Our guide was very knowledgeable and put us all at ease. We knew he would get us to the top and back and make it an enjoyable and memorable experience."
Larry Holzman

"It was one of the most enjoyable outings I've been on and hopefully was the first step in a continuing climbing career. I would only emphasize again what a great time I had."
Tim Sunderlin

"I didn't know anything about climbing previously and felt comfortable with the basic training we received. The instructors were patient and encouraging."
Maureen Vojta

"The instructors were very helpful and clear in their instruction. I really enjoyed it."
David Slaughter

"Excellent format, professionally presented. The instructor uses his excellent communication skills and extensive experience to teach. He was continually patient, supportive, and able to provide challenge and learning in the best of ‘school' environments."
Sam Dibbons

"The training gave me real insight into the workings of GPS – what to expect in real-world conditions. I used the knowledge and confidence I gained to enjoy sailing off-shore in my own boat for the first time."
Jim Jarrett

"The field training especially taught me how to use GPS with confidence in the woods. The night navigation was fun and really demonstrated its usefulness. I recommend this training because it eliminates much of the wasted time and effort that comes with trying to learn its complexity on your own."
David Munro

"Since the GPS training I have had no problem with using my GPS. I have gone on to use most of its functions with good success."
Jack Hash

"The GPS training dispelled complete confusion about the use of my GPS. The instructors are knowledgeable, helpful, and above all – patient."
Vic Hefferin

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