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Corporate Snowcat Safety Training
Do you or others in your employ use snowcats while on the job? Regardless of how often they use snowcats to access their work site, and regardless of how remote they travel, we have the best safety record in the industry, as well as some of the best training available in the United States . Even if your employees have ridden for years, if they have never enrolled in and successfully completed training for their specific job applications, then they are most likely at risk. We can help you reduce these liability concerns.

Choose from our snowcat training programs and safety courses for corporate employees, government agencies, law enforcement, military, special ops teams and the general public. Our snowcat safety training can be designed specifically for your safety applications, for any duration or location you desire, to ensure that you and your team acquire the knowledge and skill sets required of your unique work or recreational applications.
Snowcat certification is also available for all skill levels, if desired. You can register for one of our advertised snowcat courses, or design your own. Participate in our safety seminars and hands-on training (indoor and field). Private snowcat training programs and safety instruction are available (group or individual). We can also assist you with recommendations for snowcat purchases, sales and rentals. Driving techniques are taught for snowcats by Tucker, Camoplast (formerly Bombardier), PistenBulley, LiteFoot, and other brands.

There is no wasted time in our programs, as we run simultaneous training, round-robin style, should we need to. If you do not have one vehicle per person for the training, this format works well. We simply ask you to consider other training your employees may need, in addition to snowcat instruction, that could take place at the same time as the snowcat training. This may include: 4x4 truck driving training, ATV safety training, snowcat training, helicopter safety training, survival training, map and compass training, and GPS training, among other critical safety skills.
Snowcat Training Options Include:
  1. Basic to Advanced Skill Sets
  2. Pre-Designed or Advertised Programs
  3. Or Design Your Own Training Program
Choose From the Following Skill Sets When Designing Your Own Training:
  • Pre-trip Planning.
  • Pre-trip Inspection – Vehicle & Equipment Assessment and Maintenance.
  • Making Safety a Top Priority, Regardless of Your Field Objectives.
  • Preventing the Most Common Liability Issues.
  • Indoor and Hands-on Field Training Options.
  • Protective Clothing & Equipment.
  • Recommended Survival Kits, Packs and Gear.
  • Discussions re: Trailer Types & Weight Specs for Equipment, Permits, etc.
  • Trailering and Untrailering.
  • Proper Braking for All Applications.
  • Safe Driving and Operating Techniques.
  • Exercising Good Judgment While Driving.
  • Choosing Proper Speeds for Control & Safety for Varying Applications.
  • Straight-Line Travel.
  • Turning, Stopping and Backing: Flat to Hilly Terrain and Exposed Slopes.
  • Negotiating Terrain Issues: Flat, Hilly, to Mountainous.
  • Terrain Assessment.
  • Route Selection.
  • Side-Hilling and Slope-Cutting Techniques and Concerns.
  • When and When Not to Cut a Snow Slope.
  • Climbing and Descending Techniques for Varying Types & Depths of Snow.
  • Driving Techniques for Shallow to Deep Snow, Hard-pack to Powder (includes ice concerns).
  • Maintaining Control & Technique While Experiencing a Sliding Snowcat.
  • Overcoming Obstacles in the Field.
  • Learning Strengths & Weaknesses of Your Machines.
  • Blading – Proper Techniques for Flat to Hilly Terrain, and Dangerous Exposed Routes.
  • Poor Visibility Options.
  • Maintenance Kit Suggestions (Tools and Other Supplies to Always Keep with Your Snowcat).
  • Field Maintenance and Repair Basics.
  • Basics in Track, Tire and Axle Repair in the Backcountry (Practical Applications).
  • Snowcat Recovery and Winching.
  • Safe Driving Tips While Towing a Snowcat: Dry & Wet Pavement, and Snow and Ice.
  • Post-trip Inspection – Vehicle & Equipment Assessment, Maintenance Evaluation & Planning for the Next Trip.


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